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Early next year, a portion of the Deux-Montagnes line that crosses Mount Royal to downtown Montreal will close to allow the construction of the Réseau Express Métropolitain (REM). Construction of this new line is expected to be completed in November 2023. In the meantime, the 18,000 daily passengers will have to spend more than 3 hours a day on alternative transport (train, bus and metro) to work and then return home. A waste of time and quality of life for employees, which will inevitably have an impact on the way companies operate. In this context, how can they retain their employees? A puzzle for companies that need to quickly find solutions to avoid facing a labour shortage.

Teleworking is one of the classic and effective solutions considered by employers to retain employees. However, this option requires that the employees are able to work independently from home and it requires some discipline to remain effective. However, in the long run, this solution can lead to an overwhelming sense of loneliness.

In addition to this solution, you can also consider renting satellite offices in Laval. This will help your team avoid wasting time on public transit or traffic during the interruption of the line operated by the Exo network, formerly known as AMT. These offices are generally located in easily accessible locations, close to highways, such as BuroLoft in Laval, which is strategically located next to highways 13, 15 and 440. The satellite offices offer coworking workspaces, accessible at all times and specially adapted to maintain a good synergy between the teams. The equipment (Wi-Fi connection, printers, supplies…) is provided and meets the requirements of a professional environment in terms of speed and reliability. Often modular, with open spaces, but also private meeting rooms, satellite offices will also make life easier for your customers affected by the closure of the Mount Royal tunnel. You will be able to welcome them in an engaging space and offer them the opportunity to park easily, which is not always the case with offices located in downtown Montreal. In this way, you will remain attractive to your staff, you will prevent your best talents from changing jobs, and you will not miss any business opportunities until REM opens.

On site, your employees will have the opportunity, if they wish to do so, to establish contacts with other companies or talents likely to interest you for future collaborations. Bringing together lawyers, accountants and marketing professionals under one roof facilitates interaction. Satellite offices are therefore a strategy for employee retention and, in addition, offer opportunities for networking, stimulation of creativity and growth for your company.

If your employees are concerned about the upcoming work on the Exo6 line between Bois-Franc and Central Station and you want to offer them alternative solutions for working, do not wait too long, because there is a high demand for places. At the beginning of 2020, about twenty new offices will be available at BuroLoft. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.