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BuroLoft is more than just a coworking space. It is a community, with members that we are in contact with, day after day, with great happiness. Coming from several fields, they bring to the place their colour, their dynamism and their contagious good humour.

One of BuroLoft’s first members is Éliane Martineau, interior designer, artist and president of Intériorit-É Design Inc.

Intériorit-É Design Inc. offers a complete interior design and decoration service, with a unique complementary speciality in interior design: the integration of original works of art by Quebec artists (painting, sculpture, drawing, stained glass, fusion glass, photography, etc.) into clients’ décor.

Éliane works closely with a team of professionals to ensure and complete all turnkey projects: seamstress, installer, wallpaper layer, painter, grouter, cabinetmaker, tiler (ceramic installer), upholsterer, carpet layer, carpenter, electrician, contractor, etc.

She is also supported by a team of sales consultants for furniture (all types), household appliances, lighting and florist services.

The services offered by Intérior-É-Design are, among others:

  • Consultation at home, at the office or on site;
  • The selection and sale of works of art
  • Design of kitchens and bathrooms
  • Technical drawing and 3D modeling
  • The coloration
  • Custom window dressing and bedding
  • etc.

The company offers its services in the Greater Montreal Metropolitan Area, Laval, Laurentians and Lanaudière.