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4422A Louis-B. Mayer
An innovative and stimulating place to push the limits of your creativity
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4430 Garand
A modern, bright and inspiring environment ideal for your business development
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Buroloft is also:

More than 100 closed and open offices for 1 to 20 people

Everything is ready for you to really have fun working and surpassing yourself! Take a seat at your desk – in as little as an hour! –, and see the difference in the development of your business.


Lounge area, terrace, outdoor kitchen, bar

Your company is growing and you don’t have time to waste. You can access your office 24/7and get work done, share your expertise or get support from another entrepreneur.

Our collaborative spaces

One price, all inclusive, 24/7

Our members pay monthly and get access to all our services. Forget about extra billing- we do not have hidden fees. Move into our coworking space and be ready to work in less than an hour. Our process is really simple!

Come live the vibe.