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Le télétravail après la pandémie de la COVID-19 : est-ce qu’on continue ou non?

Telecommuting after the COVID-19 pandemic: do we continue or not?

March 2020. Millions of Canadians can no longer go to work as usual. For a majority of them, it will be their first experience working remotely (telecommuting).

For better or for worse, many people have had to learn to work with new tools and in another context completely.

Telecommuting after the COVID-19 pandemic: do we continue or not?

What if there was a place that offers a perfect balance between telecommuting (from home) and traditional on-site work?

Have you ever heard of “coworking”? (coworking)?

Here are five advantages to choosing this type of environment:

  1. More money in your pocket
  2. Even more flexibility than yoga pants
  3. To see real flesh-and-blood people
  4. To propel your business forward
  5. For a healthy mind in a healthy body

More money in your pocket

Collaborative—coworking—spaces offer you numerous possibilities.

You can opt for a private office, a dedicated space in a shared area, or a “hot desk”—a non-dedicated, temporarily available desk. Changing your work environment can boost your creativity or help your level of concentration, while providing a base to hold team meetings or even meet existing or potential clients in our conference rooms.

Traditional office rentals will lock you in a five-year lease, but coworking places allow you to sign for a much shorter duration. Whether you are a startup or an established business, you can take the time to monitor the evolution of your business over time and assess what your needs are in terms of space.

Rates are much lower than a traditional office rental. They vary from one place to another, but everyone agrees that coworking truly provides the best value for your money. Not to mention that you benefit from a trendy work environment and a friendly vibe. You have access to all standard office equipment: desk, office chair, printers and a wireless network are all included.

With coworking, you are literally immersed in an economic microcosm. You are surrounded by people working in all fields, businesses of all sizes and all types of people. Mutual support is encouraged and sometimes, an exchange of services—bartering—is possible. By having so many different professionals under one roof, your questions get answered quickly.

Even More Flexibility Than Yoga Pants

You can come and go as you please. You control your own schedule. The offices remain accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can focus on what really matters. You need only pay the rent and the building manager will take care of the rest. A cleaning service is included and taken care of, and milk and coffee are always available.

To see real flesh-and-blood people

Even the most independent and self-sufficient people will agree that working alone all the time is difficult.

In a collaborative space, you are not stuck between your four “home” walls from morning until evening. You will meet other people. You will be able to chat over coffee and share anecdotes, advice, and experiences at lunchtime, but have the peace and quiet you need to focus when it is time to be productive.

Abandoning your pajamas, getting dressed and going to work may seem trivial, but it boosts morale.

To propel your business forward

You will have access to private conferences in the common areas, by well-known entrepreneurs.

Take full advantage of the experience and the advice of other members, and constantly learn.

Having a base in a collaborative workplace can say a lot about your business. It shows that you enjoy working in a dynamic environment, that you can work from anywhere, that you are not restricted by physical space.

Coworking encourage creativity; it allows fresh perspective.

It also fosters the building of business relationships. Never underestimate the effects of word of mouth.

For a healthy mind in a healthy body

Telecommuting can have unintended consequences, including social isolation, poor time management, or conversely, pressure to perform more, constant lack of motivation brought on by monotony, and inadequate equipment for working remotely.

Coworking places organize activities for members such as after-hours networking cocktails aimed not only at boosting your business, but also at improving the group vibe.

Some people experience time management difficulties at home, whether due to the distraction caused by household chores or the children noisily living their childhood to the fullest. Coworking becomes the ideal solution.

The spaces and equipment that are provided are ample and ergonomic. No more back pain because you are working on your couch, or developing a poor posture because your kitchen table is too low.

A modern, trendy working environment brightens your day.

It is much easier to separate your personal and professional life when you leave the house. This avoids doing work-related tasks outside of normal office hours and makes it easier for you to “switch off”.

We must not forget that coworking spaces are becoming increasingly widespread. You can easily find a coworking place to your liking that is close to home, or at least halfway between home and the office, and save time in traffic; that means more quality time for you and your family.

In short, there are very few disadvantages to coworking.

BuroLoft offers all this and much more.

  • Quick access to technical support
  • Cocktails and other on-site events
  • Free parking
  • Pleasant vibe guaranteed
  • Access to a shower for members who train before, during or after hours.

Becoming an “office-less worker” has never been so appealing.

And rest assured; we take all the necessary security measures regarding COVID-19. The spaces may be shared, but not the virus!

Contact us if you would like to learn more about our collaborative spaces and live the BuroLoft experience.