Redesigned coworking spaces

Everything you need.
Nothing complicated.

With easy access to highways 13, 15 and 440, BuroLoft is a coworking place built to support businesses and facilitate their growth.

What makes BuroLoft different from other coworking spaces?

It’s the ‘’all-inclusive“ of the work world

Our members pay monthly and get access to all our services. Forget about extra billing- we do not have hidden fees. Move into our coworking space and be ready to work in less than an hour. Our process is really simple!

Always open

Your company is growing and you don’t have time to waste. You can access your office 24/7and get work done, share your expertise or get support from another entrepreneur.

A beautiful place

Our visitors all agree: “WOW! It’s beautiful, and not by accident- every detail has been considered to help you free your mind and have rich interactions. It is bright and trendy, and there is a lot of space. We get the WOW effect every time we come to work!”

Our Members

A coworking space that meets your needs

We follow your business in its development

We give you access to workspaces that range from 60 to 2500 ft2. Some of our workspaces are equipped with a loading dock and a garage. Open-concept, offices with windows, whatever you need. You can also add one, two, even three offices for your team, all within an hour! With us, your growth is simplified.


Come live the vibe.

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